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Color Theory

Light and Matter

What is the color spectrum?
What happens when light strikes the surface of a material?
How is light absorbed?
How is light scattered?
Why are some substances colored?

Color Vision

What is color?
How does the eye work?
What are scotopic and photopic vision?
What is chromatic aberration?
What is trichromacy?
What is the opponent theory of color vision?
What are brightness, hue, and colorfulness?

CIE Color Specification

What is additive color matching?
What is the CIE 1931 system?
Why are the CIE primaries often called imaginary primaries?
How can tristimulus values be calculated?
How does a reflectance spectrophotometer work?
What is the optical geometry of a spectrophotometer?
How does a colorimeter work?
What is the specular component of reflectance?
What is the difference between a light source and an illuminant?
Why is the 1931 standard observer called a 2 degree observer?
What is the 10 degree observer?
What are chromaticity coordinates?
What is the CIE L* a* b* color space?
Should I use L* a* b* or L* C* H* specification?

Color Difference Evaluation

What are CIELAB color differences?
How good are CIELAB color differences?
How do I get descriptive color differences?
What does ΔE stand for?
Which color difference equation should I use?
What is the CMC equation?
What is the BFD equation?
What is the CIE TC 1.29 equation?
What are the M&S equations?
How do I set the pass/fail value?

Miscellaneous Topics

What is color constancy?
What is metamerism?
How do I measure whiteness?
How do I measure yellowness?
What can I do if my sample is not uniform?
What is device-independent color space?
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