Thousands of printers throughout the world are now routinely mixing their PANTONE Colors using the PANTONE Formula Scales. A survey carried out amongst a random sample of printers with PANTONE Formula Scales shows some of the reasons why:-


Easy to use—mixing accurate PANTONE Colors is quick and effortless.

Color Accuracy

Noticeable increased accuracy over conventional scales—PANTONE Formula Scales give you an accurate formulation every time.

Time Saving

The PANTONE Formula Scales are the fastest way to accurately mix colors. Average reported savings were 12.6 minutes per mix compared to a conventional scale or mixing by eye.

Save Ink & Reduce Waste

With the PANTONE Formula Scales it's easy to mix any quantity of ink—just enough for the current job. On average, you can expect to save 24.4% of ink used. Not only that, you don't have the increasingly expensive problem of disposing of the excess waste either.  Why mix up 1 kg of ink (or buy a 1 kg tin) when you only need half that amount?

Cost Justification

Time saved amounts to more press running time, and all the savings mount up quickly. Also, there is an additional saving on the amount of ink used, for example based on an average mix of 1 kg and cost of PANTONE Base Inks at $28 per kg. The table below shows the cost savings you can expect to make in a year by using the PANTONE Formula Scales:

Hourly Press Rate

Number of PANTONE Mixes per week
2 5 10 20
$38 $1200 $3000 $6000 $12000
$56 $1600 $4000 $7850 $15700
$75 $1950 $4850 $9700 $19400
$93 $2310 $5800 $11600 $23200