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Dot Inspector
  • The ideal tool to precisely see the various print media outputs.

  • Depending on the magnification, the Dot Inspector will enhance the image by illuminating the viewing area with different color LEDs.
UM-02 Digital Microscope
    Ultra-compact and multi-versatile.

  • The UM-02 can be used as a digital microscope, camera, video recorder as well as a web camera.  The applications are endless.
VT-101 Digital Microscope
  • Hand-held convenient tool to examine small details in various applications.

  • This handheld digital microscope has an adjustable magnification from 7x ~ 108x.  Allows the user to attain the sharpest focus in any environment and transfer images to a PC or store them on the device.
VT-300 Digital Microscope
  • The most advanced and versatile portable digital microscope in its class.

  • This device has a 2.8" TFT color display, 2GB internal memory, and optical magnification from 10x ~ 40x.  Digital magnification from 15x ~ 200x.

Use the VT-300 microscope as a camera, video recorder, web cam, microscope, and point-to-point measurements.

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