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Product Specifications


Use as a digital microscope, camera, video recorder, web camera, and point-to-point measurements in microns.

CMOS Sensor

2M pixels CMOS sensor


Adjustable manual focus to ensure the sharpest image possible;


Adjustable LED brightness control;


Magnification Ratio:  1x~80x, 320x on 22” monitor

Photo Resolution

Photo:  1,600x1,200 pixels, BMP or JPEG format

Video Resolution

Video: 1,600x1,200 pixels, AVI format

USB Interface

USB 2.0


Microsoft XP, Microsoft Vista or Microsoft 7 compatible.

UM-02 Digital USB Microscope

Ihara UM-02 digital USB microscope is ultra compact and multi-versatile. It has a 2M pixels CMOS image sensor, adjustable focus control, and adjustable LED illumination to deliver the sharpest image with superb clarity.  The UM-02 can be used as a digital microscope, camera, video recorder as well as a web camera.  The applications are endless.

Each UM-02 digital USB microscope comes with multifunctional software which includes image capture, side-by-side comparison, save image and video, and image process including grey scale, black and white conversion, edge detection, and measurement mode.

Each Ihara UM-02 includes the following:

  • Ihara UM-02 Digital USB Microscope
  • Software CD
  • Operation Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Optional Microscope Stands
Sample Images
Object Enlarged Enlarged Further
Apple Apple Apple
CTP Plate CTP Plate CTP Plate
Circuit Board Circuit Board Circuit Board
Pen Pen Pen
Penny Pen Pen
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