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MatchPlus Ink & Paint Formulation Solution

MatchPlus is a simple and intuitive ink / paint formulation solution. It combines easy to use software and hardware to quickly produce a perfect color match. Metamerism, spectral data comparison, and large batch production can be analyzed with ease.

Custom colors can be produced quickly and accurately. Moreover, production time, color accuracy, and waste reduction can be improved significantly.

The Match Plus system includes the following:

The Ihara R800 Spectrodensitometer, the S600 Spectrophotometer, and the Spectrocam are all available to work with the Match Plus System. Depending on the level of accuracy desired, Ihara will provide the optimum measurement device for each individual customer.
MatchPlus software utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure accurate formulation every time. This software includes a correction module to optimize the performance. Metamerism and the delta E values are calculated. Users can explore different ink combinations to achieve the best possible results. R720
R710 Panta Color is an interactive software package for easy control of balancing ink and paint receptures. Panta Color accepts the formula from MatchPlus and the results are updated in real time saving valuable resources if the exact amount is not added correctly. The user interface helps the operator to easily understand the steps for the correct weight of ink and paint portions without the risk of making mistakes.
An advanced ink balance with data communication capability is used to speed up the formulation process. Data is transferred and the formula is updated in real time producing a much faster ink match than any other systems. R730
T500 Strip proofing checks the ink formulation results on the actual stock material. The process ensures a guarantee match. This device saves significant down time as the results are tested offline allowing the printing machine to run continuously.
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