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Product Specifications


Litho Plate

Dot Evaluation

Half-Tone Dots
Auto Color Sensing


Numeric % Display
Dynamic Graphic Display
Screen Angle/Ruling Calculation
High Speed USB Link
Auto Calibration
Pos.Neg Reading

Connectivity & Storage




Docking Stand

CE Approved

Measuring Time

Less than 0.5 seconds

Optical Range

Field of View: 1.6 x 1.2mm
640 x 480 color RGB 24 bit CCD
Sampling Points: 921,600

Light Source

White Light LED
USB Power

Min. Specifications for PC

WIN 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8

LithoCAM Lite II
Digital Plate Reader

The LithoCAM Lite is the econmical solution to plate measurements. Similar to the original Lithocam, this device is PC-based and, therefore, able to analyze much more data resulting in increased accuracy, when judged against any comparable product. The LithoCAM Lite benefits from the use of an enhanced camera with high quality optical head, resulting in exceptional accuracy while remaining a fast and easy-to-use application.

Powerful software measures dot area automatically in less than 1 second.

Key Features

  • Real image display
  • Ability to read all plate material and screening. This includes metal and polyester, AM, FM and XM.
  • Highly accurate: ±0.5%. (±1% FM screens @10 micron)
  • Dynamic, real time on-screen images.
  • Fast and easy operation – simply press a button to get the reading.
  • PC/USB based, no batteries needed.

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