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Ihara US LLC., located in Vernon, is a distributor of color control instruments serving the graphic arts, printing and quality control industries. Mr. Masayuki Itoh, president of our parent company, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., created the company in 1989 under the name Ihara Medics U.S., Inc.. Ihara Medics was established as a marketing and research & development facility for the medical industry.

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The U.S. office began as the distributor of various Ketorex Reagent Kits for liver analysis. Products such as the Bilirubin Monitor, W.E.T. System, and the R.A.P.P.I.D. System were developed in this facility. During the 1990’s companies approaching Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. for their expertise, began to request development of color measurement equipment. After conducting an extensive feasibility study, with respect to the profitability and attractiveness within the graphic arts industry, the findings proved to be prosperous. Because of these findings, Ihara Medics Inc. expanded into color measurement equipment for the printing industry. The reflection densitometer was the first of a new product line that was introduced.

Over the course of the next few years, sales of color measurement products continued to grow. In 1995, the introduction and sale of the transmission densitometer began. In 1998, Ihara Electronic Industries created Ihara U.S., Inc. to better reflect the company’s direction. As the year 2000 approached, Ihara U.S., Inc.’s main focus involved color control instruments for the graphic arts industry.

Recognized as one of the top leaders in the printing industry, Ihara U.S. Inc.’s product line includes Digital Plate Readers, Reflection and Transmission Densitometers, Spectrophotometers, Spectrodensitometers, Color Formulation Software and Quality Control Software. Ihara works hard to provide tools, software and support solutions to the graphic arts and printing industries. By providing the most resourceful instruments on the market today, the Ihara U.S., Inc. office has established distribution throughout North and South America, and Europe. Ihara U.S., Inc. continues to add to their product line in order to provide the best solutions to the printing industry and continues in their commitment to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968, by President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Masayuki Itoh. In the last three decades, the company has expanded from a printed wiring board (PWB) design and manufacturing company to an industrial corporation that also produces medical equipment, graphic arts imaging products and industrial testing equipment.

PWB Board

In its beginning years, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. started with their PWB Division manufacturing circuit boards. Their boards were unique due to the special characteristics such as high-frequency boards, (used for satellite communications, car navigation systems, cellular phones, car phones, wireless phones and radar) to metal based printing wiring boards for high frequency applications (such as satellite communication and ground communication radar).

Visual Inspection System (AOI)

Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. created the SYSTEM Division in 1973. This was created specifically for the research and development in designing and creating new products. Due to their expertise, Ihara Electronic Industries provided outsourcing services to their customers. Not only individual processes but an entire production flow if needed. Ihara could provide any service to the production stages, such as planning, development and design, prototyping and volume production.

Below is a brief list of products Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. has designed or developed:

  • Equipment for aircraft, inspection equipment.
  • Inspection equipment for on-board devices of vehicles.
  • Electric power control devices for energy-saving.
  • Temperature/humidity controller.
  • AC motor controller for labor-saving equipment.
  • PWB for air cleaner.
  • Eyesight measurement equipment.
  • Blood test equipment.
  • In addition to the list above, Ihara’s experience with optics, drew attention from companies interested in producing products for the graphic arts market. These companies’ requests added to Ihara’s list of new product developments. It includes scanning densitometers, spectrophotometers, color reflection densitometers and digital plate readers.

    Due to the growth of their system division and the need to construct another factory for the manufacture of advanced single and multi-layer PCB boards, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. decided to expand. In 1985, they acquired new production facility in Komaki City.

    The continued requests for product development within the graphic arts industry, inspired Ihara Japan to perform feasibility testing within this market over the course of the next few years. Now coming into the early 1990’s, in reviewing their studies, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. found profitability within the graphic arts market and in its product development.

    Due to their findings, in 1989, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. opened a subsidiary located in the United States, (now Ihara U.S., Inc.) and in 1999, added a third division to Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., known as the COLOR IMAGING division. Ihara’s product line now includes a full line of transmission and reflection densitometers, digital plate readers, spectrophotometers and is dedicated to providing professional solutions to the printing industry.

    Today, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer covering a range of measurement and test equipment, inspection equipment, control systems, labor-saving systems, colorimetry equipment and optical devices. Through the years, Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. has become universally recognized as a leader, producing some of the most intricate and inventive instruments on the market today. The company, having grown significantly with worldwide distribution, their wide-range capabilities include engineering, research and development and, as well as system design. At Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., they are dedicated to customer service, and continue on a daily basis to satisfy customer needs.


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